Alphabet magnets that actually hold stuff

Thank you for the huge support so far. All pre-orders are currently closed while we focus on manufacturing our first batch. We will update you as soon as we can.

Fun + functional

Whether displaying a motivational quote or getting the family organised, Wordbits can be used anywhere metallic. Use them on everything from lockers to whiteboards.

Why though?

We love the fun and nostalgia of alphabet magnets but thought it was a waste that they couldn't actually hold anything on the fridge. So we designed our own, and in the process gave this iconic product a style upgrade.

What's in the pack?

Your box of Wordbits contains 60 letters and symbols, each with a rare earth magnet strong enough to hold a greeting card. There are two colours of Wordbits to choose from: Black and Bone.

Each letter is a piece of art

Wordbits' award-winning typeface was custom designed, with play in mind. For example M and W are interchangeable for maximum versatility; the I and O also do double duty as numbers 1 and 0. Keep a running game of tic-tac-toe on the fridge with our perfectly balanced X and O letterforms.