An idea that seemed obvious

We love the nostalgia and fun of traditional alphabet magnets but thought it was a waste that they couldn't actually hold anything on the fridge (not to mention being kind of ugly...). The idea for Wordbits has been around since 2013 when Annabel first began researching, but it wasn't until she convinced Shanna to come on board years later that the pair really set about making it a reality.

An international affair

Annabel Weber and Shanna Hermansen are a New Zealander and Australian both living in Copenhagen, Denmark. The friends worked together at advertising and design agencies in both Australia and Denmark before deciding to use their skills on an idea of their own. 

Our custom typeface

Credit for our beautiful, bespoke typeface goes to Muggie Ramadani, Creative Director of Bold Scandinavia who convinced us of it's importance. He enlisted Trine Rask to help design the letterforms and the pair worked for months developing a typeface based on insights from how alphabet magnets are used, and the specialist manufacturing processes required to make them.

Environmental responsibility

The Black sets of Wordbits are made using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. All our products are designed to last a lifetime and are BPA and phthalate free. Our aim is to divert inferior alphabet magnets from landfill by providing a stylish, functional and long-lasting alternative. 

Where it all started.

Our crowdfunding campaign

In September 2019 we launched Wordbits on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Within four days we had met our original funding goal, meaning Wordbits became a real product that could now be manufactured. Through the campaign we gained a community of Backers and supporters who we are forever grateful to. While we had the product design finalised before the launch, it's been a steep learning curve regarding manufacturing, logistics and running a small business but pushing through the initial fear and trepidation has been 100% worth it. We are loving the journey so far. You can watch our original crowdfunding video below.