sage green magnetic moodyboard with wordbits bone white alphabet magnets J and B letters holding a MiGOALS inspirational quote card saying "your future depends on what you do today"

Our intention

We want to make fridges fun! Let's bring back analogue communication that's beautiful and playful. We believe every home and office should have a magnetic surface at its heart to display a rotating assortment of memories, inspiration and achievements without having to puncture pin holes in them.

Our intention is for Wordbits to be a product that lasts. Quality, thoughtful design that can last generations.

two women standing side by side laughing founders of wordbits shanna hermansen and annabel weber

The backstory

Shanna and Annabel live in Denmark but hail from Australia and New Zealand respectively. The friends worked together at advertising and design agencies in both Sydney and Copenhagen before deciding to use their skills on an idea that just wouldn't quit. Annabel created the concept and design for Wordbits circa 2011 but it wasn't until convincing Shanna to work on it with her many years later that the work began.

Wordbits launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter in September 2019. The campaign was funded in just 4 days, ending with 220% of the funding goal reached. Wordbits evolved from a passion-project into a business shortly after.

woman standing in front of typography posters Trine Rask designer of the wordbits typeface


Our beautiful, bespoke typeface was designed by Muggie Ramadani and Trine Rask. The pair worked for months developing a typeface based on insights from how alphabet magnets are used, and the specialist manufacturing processes required to make them.

Note how the X and O letterforms are perfectly paired, ideal for a game of tic-tac-toe. To stretch the possibilities in each pack the W doubles as an M, 1 and I are the same, as are O and 0. The design is deliberate, the result beautiful and versatile.

moss green peg and board magnetic memo board with black recycled plastic alphabet magnets made by wordbits arranged randomly alongside other stationery items

Environmental responsibility

We believe the world needs to slow down, buy less, play more. By only buying things that bring joy and value to our lives, we’ll all be better off.

Our aim is to divert inferior alphabet magnets from landfill by providing a stylish, functional and long-lasting alternative.

Black Wordbits are made using post-consumer recycled plastic. We are working towards making all our products from recycled plastic. Wordbits are BPA and phthalate free and we use FSC Certified paper for our packaging.

Where it all started.

Our crowdfunding campaign

In September 2019 we launched Wordbits on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The funding goal was met within just 4 days, and totalled 220% by the end of 30 days. We will be forever grateful to the 400 Backers from 13 different countries who enabled us to make our idea a reality.

Since then it's been a steep learning curve regarding manufacturing, logistics and running a small business but pushing through the initial fear and trepidation has been 100% worth it. We are loving the journey so far. You can watch our original crowdfunding video below.